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Eastern White Cedar

Thuja occidentalis 'pendula'

There is one eastern white cedar in a pendula cultivar in the northeast triangle. See Wikipedia entry here.
This tree may also be a Cupressus nootkatensis, or yellow cedar, as described in the Wikipedia entry here (still working on ID).
Eastern white cedar in the northeast triangle
Eastern white cedar factoids:
  • This plant is not a cedar, in the genus Cedrus like our Cedar of Lebanon, but a cypress in the family Cupressaceae.
  • Also, a common name for this plant is the eastern white cedar, even though the species name occidentalis means western.
  • It is an evergreen conifer, with the cones looking like small spiked berries.
  • Our specimen is a pendulous or weeping cultivar, which makes it look sad.
  • Commonly sold at lawn and garden centers as arborvitae
thuja occidentalis berries.jpeg
Flattened scaly needles/leaves with spiky berries or cones
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