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Family Scavenger Hunt in Baldwin Park

Want to get outside, walk around, explore Nature, and get to know your favorite park? Try a scavenger hunt!
There are eleven items listed below. Some are hard, some are easy. Take your time. You can do this on your own or with friends, and you can do it over several visits to the park. The answers and explanations can be found here, but try to find the clues before checking the answers. 
Please keep Covid-19 precautions in mind as you scavenge. Good luck!
1. A bird's nest (don't disturb the birdie!).
2. very sharp thorns protecting a tree
3. four different types of seed pods
4. two different types of trees or shrub with purple-red, not green, leaves
5. a "face" in the upright rocks
6. two plaques describing the art that is Baldwin Park by the artist Athena Tacha
7. lichen on rocks and trees
8. a boy cone and a girl cone on a tree
9. a sign asking visitors to keep off the stone walls and out of the planting beds
10. a flying insect drinking some delicious flower juice while it helps the flower have babies
11. a tree stump, or two, or if you are really eagle-eyed, three
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