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1901 Spring Garden Street
The Society of the Sons of St. George

This article will examine the beautiful building at the northwest corner of Spring Garden and 19th Streets and its connection to the St. George statue on Martin Luther King Drive. First, let’s look at the early days of the house itself.

In 1875 builder Edwin Randolph built a beautiful residence at 1901 Spring Garden Street on spec and put it up for sale as “an elegant double marble residence, in thorough order and beautifully frescoed.” It was purchased by Abraham R. Cox who owned a brewery in Norristown since 1870. He lived at 1901 Spring Garden with his wife Caroline and son Abram until Abraham’s death in 1890. He was buried in West Laurel Hill Cemetery from his home. He left an estate of $300,000 (equivalent to $10 million today). In 1894 Abram Cox, his son, died and was also buried from the home at 1901 Spring Garden Street. The 35-year-old son left an estate of “upwards of $100,000,” and specified funding, besides other beneficiaries, for his horse Fanny and his carriages. In January 1896, the son’s widow also dies leaving two children, ages 8 and 1.


AR Cox blob-top beer bottle from here



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