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Trees in Baldwin Park

If you have ever wandered through Matthias Baldwin Park, especially in the spring, you may have caught yourself wondering "What kind of tree is that?" This page will provide links to the many trees in the Park, using the map below. If you are using a cell phone, it is definitely better to go to this page to break up the map into more decipherable sections. In both formats I will refer to the six different triangles in the Park, which are obvious if you look at the dotted blue lines on the map. 

There is a link from each tree to its description and image. In the description will be the common name, the scientific name, a few quick facts about the tree, photos of the tree in its Park setting, and a high school botany lesson bonus (just to remind ourselves how amazing trees are!).
Aerial diagram of Matthias Baldwin Park as of July 2019. East is to the right at 18th Street, west to the left at 19th Street.
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