Connections Sculpture, Athena Tacha
Matthias Baldwin Park Rock Sculpture
Baldwin Park Philly
Baldwin Park, Philadelphia
Park in snow 3.1.2019
Rock Sculptures at Matthias Baldwin
Philadelphia Cityscape, Baldwin Park
Baldwin Park Redbud Trees
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  November 14, 10 am
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  First Thursdays 7 pm
  Nov 5, Zoom meeting
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Friends of Matthias Baldwin Park 
is a volunteer group committed
to restoring and preserving our neighborhood park. 
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About Matthias Baldwin Park     39°57'41"N   75°10'8"W

                                                                                         423 North 19th Street

Commissioned in 1981, the Park was designed as an environmental sculpture, a 2 acre landscape designed by world renowned artist Athena Tacha, and completed in 1991.


Immediately noticed is the large oval center that is cut into curvy  wedge terraces which rise from 6 inches to 7 feet. Planted with masses of perennials and low maintenance shrubs, large waves of color and shape create an urban meadow that flows into the 9 clusters of large vertical rock formations. Ringing the terraces are trees that add interest at every season. An historical marker honoring Matthias Baldwin and his locomotive works stands in the northwest corner of the Park. (His factory was immediately to the east of the Park site.)​ More here...


Matthias Baldwin Park is a property of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, supported and stewarded by the Friends of Matthias Baldwin Park.



Jim Fennell | President

Bob Strunk | Vice President

Grace Hanrahan | Secretary

Joan Markoe | Treasurer

Matthias Baldwin Park 

423 N 19th St 

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Friends of Matthias Baldwin Park is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to preserve the Matthias Baldwin Park

© 2018 Friends of Matthias Baldwin Park

Connections Sculpture, Athena Tacha

Connections, an environmental public sculpture by Athena Tacha