Help Paint the New Mural!

This autumn a new Mural Arts mural will be applied to the south side of the home at 417 North 20th Street. Come and help bring this project to completion! June 1, noon-3, in Matthias Baldwin Park. Join us!
Mural proposal at 417 North 20th Street
These huge works of art are first painted on canvas sheets, then adhered to the wall, then sealed in place. The public helps paint the canvas.
The Philadelphia Mural Arts program attempts to beautify our city by turning blank walls into works of art. There are over 3,000 murals in Philadelphia, two of which are already in the Baldwin Park neighborhood, as seen below.
Mural, painted in 1999, on the north side of 312 North 19th Street.
Mural on the north side of The Watermark.
This was painted in 2003.
authored by Joe Walsh, May 2019

Matthias Baldwin Park 

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