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Matthias Baldwin Park

Rededication May 19, 2016

On May 19, 2016, as the new NorthxNorthwest apartment complex neared completion, business and political dignitaries came together to celebrate the new neighbor to the Park and the improvements made to the Park by the developer, Forest City.

Dignitaries include:
Jim Fennell, second from left, President of the Friends of Matthias Baldwin Park;
5th District councilperson and City Council President Darrell Clarke, second from right; and Mayor Jim Kenney, far right.
The townhomes along the north side of the Park have not yet been built, but the NorthxNorthwest parking lot can be seen over the temporary fence.
Friends of Matthias Baldwin Park President Jim Fennell enthuses about the Park.
Friends of Matthias Baldwin Park celebrate.
Seamus Kearney, second from right, was the first President of the Friends group in 2007.
More Friends.
Mel Seligsohn, far left, is an original founder of the Friends group and a perennial Baldwin Park neighborhood booster.
Event memorabilia, above and below.
It seems rededications were a daily event.
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