Red Pine

Pinus resinosa

There is one red pine in the Park, in the southeast triangle. See Wikipedia entry here.
Red pine against a beautiful backdrop in July
Red pine factoids:
  • although a native species, it is sometimes called the Norway pine
  • Intolerant of shade, which may explain the stunting of the tree in our Park
  • the leaves, or needles, come in twos on the fascicles, and usually break when bent
Four different pines in the Park
Far left is a fascicle with three needles from a pitch pine, along with its spiky cone.
Going right, next is a black pine fascicle with two long stiff pointy needles, along with its cone.
Next is a white pine fascicle with five needles. There were no female cones on the white pine this July.
At far right is a red pine fascicle with two short, brittle needles, Again no female cones in July.
Red male cones in clusters on the left and a larger old female cone on the right in mid-April
Red male cones in mid-April, most having fallen off leaving a corn-cob like base

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