Red Pine

Pinus resinosa

There is one red pine in the Park, in the southeast triangle. See Wikipedia entry here.
Red pine against a beautiful backdrop in July
Red pine factoids:
  • although a native species, it is sometimes called the Norway pine
  • Intolerant of shade, which may explain the stunting of the tree in our Park
  • the leaves, or needles, come in twos on the fascicles, and usually break when bent
Four different pines in the Park
Far left is a fascicle with three needles from a pitch pine, along with its spiky cone.
Going right, next is a black pine fascicle with two long stiff pointy needles, along with its cone.
Next is a white pine fascicle with five needles. There were no female cones on the white pine this July.
At far right is a red pine fascicle with two short, brittle needles, Again no female cones in July.
Female cones in late September
Last year's spent male cones in late September are brown and curved

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