Cercis canadensis

There are six redbuds in the Park, most easily identified in April. See Wikipedia entry here.
Redbud in the southeast triangle, looking northward.
Redbud factoids:
  • Easily identified in the spring by its exuberant red buds, and in the summer by its heart-shaped leaves and flat seed pods. See the article on the katsura tree for comparison here.
  • Deciduous, often multitrunked
  • Commonly called eastern redbud
  • The genus name comes from the greek work kerkis meaning weaver's shuttle, for the seedpod's resemblance to the shuttle
  • There are many different cultivars within the species. Cultivars are interbreeding varieties within a plant species, analogous to breeds in dogs.
  • The reddish-purple leaves change to dark green in summer, and then to yellow in the fall.
  • Flowers and seed pods are edible.
  • The species of redbud in the Mediterranean, called Cercis siliquastrum, is commonly called the Judas tree because legend has it that Judas hung himself from a redbud after his betrayal
Pair of multitrunked redbuds in the southwest triangle, looking southward in June.
Copious seedpods on redbud in southwest triangle in late June.
The seed pods look like weaver's shuttles.
Redbud in northwest triangle, in July, looking northward
Redbud in west triangle, looking east, in April
Redbud in northeast triangle, looking north, in July.
Flowers very close to branches and trunk in April, before leaves appear, from tree in west triangle
Reddish tint to inner bark on a redbud in July

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