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Scavenger Hunt
May 15, 2021

scav hunt flyer 2021.png

Our second neighborhood Scavenger Hunt was held on a beautiful Saturday in May. Thirty-nine people spread over 12 teams participated in the 90-minute competitive event. The clues were challenging, with the winning team, the Baldwin Locomotives, getting 13 of the 15 clues. There was only one clue that no team figured out, that being to find a deciduous conifer. Do you know where it is?

scavenger hunt 2021 sign in.jpg
scav hunt 2021 answers.jpg
Checking the answers.
There were 15 riddles revealing sites within two blocks of Baldwin Park. The hunt ran from 10:30 to noon.
2021 scav hunt winners.jpg
The winning team, the Baldwin Locomotives, relax after their victory. The victors were kind enough to convert the prize money into two $50 household memberships in the Friends of Matthias Baldwin Park. Well done and thank you!
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