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Scavenger Hunt

May 18, 2019

flyer for scavenger hunt.jpeg

Our first annual neighborhood Scavenger Hunt was held on a beautiful Saturday in May. Forty people spread over 16 teams participated in the two-hour competitive event. The clues were challenging, with the winning team getting 18 of the 25 possible points. Every clue was deciphered by at least one team, but no team figured out all the clues.

Over $600 worth of prizes were available, and the Friends of Matthias Baldwin Park would like to thank all the businesses who contributed (see here).

wiining team.jpg

The winning team: Mary, Frank, Grace, Stan, and Joan.

They chose the $100 cash as their prize and then generously donated it to the Friends of Matthias Baldwin Park to help them continue their activities on behalf of the Park.

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