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Baldwin: Early Years in Philadelphia

1811 moves to Philly, works with Woolworth Bros jewelers in Frankford as apprentice x 5 years

1817 employed as journeyman for 2 years by fletcher and gardiner, at 130 chestnut st, teapot in gallery 207 of PMA and other galleries

1818 Mary Baldwin, widow, 15 Powell, no Matthias

1819 jeweler in own business at 1 College Ave, (runs east from s 10th near high) home 129 S 11th,  Mary same home address, same year jewelry fell out of fashion. Decided he could not spend the rest of his life making "gewgaws," years before he professed to be a christian

1822 college s 11th, Mary here

1823 college, s 10th no Mary

1825 joins with wood engraver david mason in business making bookbinders, then calico, printing machines in "narrow street in the rear of Walnut, between 4th and 5th" per Memorial, no business address in directory, MW Baldwin and Co grocers at 102 s 2nd home s 10th

1828 MW, machinist no business in directory, in Memorial on narrow "Bank Coffee-House Alley" but moved in 1827 or early 1828 to Minor St; MW, storekeeper 102 s 2nd, no home

1829 MW machinist, 14 Minor (from 4 s 5th to 3 s 6th), home 160 s 10th; MW and Co grocer, 102 s 2nd

1831 moves to 1 Lodge Alley ( alley between 16 s 7th and 8th s of high behind Masonic Hall) from 14 Minor Street, has engraving shop at 260 S 10th, living at 160 S 10th

1829 machinist at 14 Minor, home 160 S 10th; M W Baldwin grocer at 102 S 2nd?

1824 FI

1830 160 s 10, no mary; grocer at 102 s 2nd

1835 school for black children

1840, 1845 broad and hamilton, home 160 S 10th

1848 335 Spruce

1858 1031 Spruce

1859 college ave changed to chant, lodge to Jayne

1865 1118 Chestnut  1500-1881   1889 supplement to above   Baldwin extended genealogy


Unfinished draft

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