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Paint the Mural Day

June 1, 2019

On a beautiful first day of June, the neighborhood came together in Matthias Baldwin Park to help start the new mural to be placed on 417 North 20th Street, as seen here.

Mural artist Phillip Adams, in hat, gives a pep talk to his fellow artists.
Meticulous brush work on display.
Each table-top size canvas panel has numbered patches from 1 to 13 with each number a different color. Cups are numbered with the contained color.
Scores of neighbors painted by number from noon to 3 pm.
A completed panel. These panels will be glued to the south wall of the building at 417 North 20th Street and then covered with three coats of clear sealant. Dozens of panels are required. The project should be completed in the fall of 2019.
Copies of the proposed mural were on display to help the "artists" put their brush strokes in the literal big picture. See finished mural, which was dedicated in November 2019, here.
authored by Joe Walsh, 1 June 2019
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