Matthias Baldwin Park Neighborhood

Scavenger Hunt 2020


  1. Have fun

  2. Get to know your neighborhood

  3. Be safe.

  4. Watch website for rain date changes:

  5. Bring a pen or pencil

  6. The adult version is competitive: don't be late for the start or finish. Register with a short team name or as an individual. All team members must be registered by name for each team, in advance or day of the event.  If you have not preregistered by contacting, please arrive at or before 9:30 to register. We will be onsite at 9:15. Questions about the rules will be answered at 9:45 sharp. The clue sheet will be handed out at 10 sharp and the hunt will be on. This clue sheet will describe the boundaries of the scavenger hunt and list the 15 clues.

  7. The children's version is noncompetitive. 

  8. Capture a clear and specific picture of what is described in the clue or write down the location of the clue and description (for example, standing at 424 North 17th Street looking directly south at ________, 10 feet up or down). Photo answers must be specific to the clue. Each clue must have only one written answer or one photo as the answer (sometimes two or three as specified in the clue). In other words, you can't photograph everything in the neighborhood and ask us to see if an answer is in there! GPS coordinates as answers are not accepted. For the children's version, just put an X through the objects found.

  9. Teams must stay together in one group during the hunt and must have all their answers on one piece of paper and all their photos on one phone. Some teams may prefer to write down the answers, since being seen taking a photo may reveal an answer to another team. The written answers should be written legibly below each clue on the clue sheet. The photos do not have to be in the order of the clues.

  10. Everyone who wants to have their phones or clue sheet checked must be back at the scorers' table by noon. Paper clue sheets must be turned in to the scorers at 12 noon SHARP and all phones with photo answers must be in the park by 12 noon SHARP. All team members must be together at that point. Late comers will be disqualified.

  11. Objects in the clues are within the perimeter defined by the curb lines described on the clue sheet. 

  12. There are no clues on the street surfaces. Please keep your head up crossing the streets.

  13. Do not go in the Callowhill Cut.

  14. There is no need to go on private property, although some of the clues are on private property. There are no clues seen only from within Hamilton Townhomes walkways or parking lot or within the walkways or drives of NorthxNorthwest. There are no clues in, or seen only from, parking garages. There is no need to go in a parking garage. There is no need to go into the municipal parking lot behind the library to find clues. Any other public walkway, sidewalk, or drive is fair game. There is no need to enter any building, although clues may be inside buildings.

  15. Do not cause damage to any objects, whether living or inanimate.

  16. The first place team is the team that finishes first with all the clues found, or the team with the highest point total at noon. Return to the scorers' table when you think you have all the clues. If you do not have them all as judged by the scorer, you will be informed which clues you need to find and can return to the hunt.

  17. The first place team gets their first choice of prize; second place first choice of remainder; etc. 

  18. We would like to take photos of the groups during the event and also take photos of the winners. If you object to this, please let us know. Photos will be posted on our website at under "Events."

  19. There are rest rooms in the Free library. The new rest rooms are to the right of the grand staircase on the first floor. You can use the back entrance on Wood Street.

Matthias Baldwin Park 

423 N 19th St 

Philadelphia, PA 19130

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