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Trees in Baldwin Park

If you have ever wandered through Matthias Baldwin Park, especially in the spring, you may have caught yourself wondering "What kind of tree is that?" This page will provide links to the many trees in the Park, using the map below to outline six separate triangles to allow smaller bites to be analyzed. Click on the letter or letters in the triangle of interest to be taken to a page with the trees in that triangle. This inventory is a work in progress, so not all trees are linked to as yet. There is also a page for lichens, mosses, and mushrooms here.
There will eventually be a link from each of the six triangles to a description of the trees in that triangle. In the description will be the common name, the scientific name, a few quick facts about the tree, photos of the tree in its Park setting, and a high school botany refresher with most of the trees.
If you are using a laptop or tablet, it may be easier to navigate from this page.
The Park was conceived as an idea in 1981 and finished in 1991, leaving 28 years for some of the initial trees to have succumbed from disease or old age. The diagram below is from 2008, when the last official survey was done. You will notice updates even since then as you go through the six triangles.
tree diagram 2008.jpeg
Baldwin Park in 1991, just after the trees were planted, looking towards the south.
park aerial may.jpeg
Baldwin Park in May 2017 looking east.
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